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We are excited to share some great news with our loyal customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Reducing fire-related deaths

Reducing fire-related deaths may be as simple as having working Smoke Alarms. Working Smoke Alarms in your home can decrease your chances of perishing in a fire by half.  SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES If you have a fire in your home, in as little as 30 seconds a small flame can become a major fire […]

Working from home

Working from home is the new reality for many of us as we learn to live with COVID. It’s important to do everything you can to make your home as safe as possible. Working from home can pose many challenges for people. Whether it is working around home-schooling, partners also working from home or having […]

Dead Air Space

Smoke Alarms are vital for your home. They are made to be installed on ceilings (and when necessary, on walls) to detect smoke. However, there are areas in your home where they should not be installed, in the dead air space. When we are at sleep, our sense of smell is lost, which eliminates our […]

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Reduce your risk

“Compliance” is a common word these days in the industry. Ensure your Smoke Alarms are still being maintained regardless of industry changes and deadlines. Fires can occur to properties that are serviced by SATS too.  Here is what some of our Property Managers have to say… “The fire started in the ceiling of the en-suite and […]

SATS Terminology

Are you sometimes left scratching your head, not certain on what some of our “Terminology” means? Well never fear help is here! For this month’s editorial, we are going to explain what the different job types mean. Yearly Maintenance: Depending if you are on subscription billing structure or billed after SATS have physically attended to […]

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A Tax deduction waiting to happen

Comply today and get the tax man to pay!With End of Financial Year fast approaching, now is the time to book those properties in for their annual Smoke Alarm Compliance check. Happy Landlords + Happy Tenants = Happy Property Managers. Another Tax deductible service for your Landlords that also keeps your portfolio compliant. Already an existing client? […]