About Us

We keep our finger on the pulse so you don’t have to

Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) is a professional smoke alarm testing company that is locally owned and operated. SATS has extensive partnerships within the Real Estate Industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

While compliance is our core service, we are best known for our ability to go above and beyond when it comes to ease of use, customer service and state of the art technology. We know our stuff and we are down to earth folks who actually care about our clients.

As legislation and compliance requirements morph and change, we provide current solutions so Real Estate Agents and Property Managers throughout Australia and New Zealand don’t have to. It’s one less task to juggle and part of a highly streamlined system that continues to deliver results.

With a background in Real Estate, we have the advantage of knowing what our clients want and need. Reliability, knowledge, professionalism, integration and unbeatable service. It makes it even easier to stay compliant, keep your landlords informed and their tenants protected.

Life is chaotic enough – by partnering with SATS we can take care of your ongoing smoke alarm compliance requirements.

Annual Maintenance



Properties are enrolled on an annual maintenance program to ensure that smoke alarms are maintained as per manufacturers’ instructions and relevant legislation.

Unlimited Visits*



We attend at change of tenancies and lease renewals to service all smoke alarms in the property and issue a statement of compliance. We also attend every time a repair is required FREE of charge.

* Unlimited Visits refers to Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 3:00pm. SATS is NOT an Emergency Call out Service and is not liable for beeping alarms outside of business hours.







We only install high quality smoke alarms to minimise tenant disruptions. All alarms installed by SATS come with an extended 10 year warranty.

Our People

We don’t use contractors. We believe that an integrated, well formed team offers the highest level of client support. With current industry training, National Police Checks and dedication to perform, we confidently offer the support you want and deserve.

Our Guarantee

SATS fulfil property managers, landlords and tenants obligations to ensure that all parties comply with smoke alarm legislation.

We take on these responsibilities, so that all parties can rest easy knowing their valuable assets are protected.