“Compliance” is a common word these days in the industry. Ensure your Smoke Alarms are still being maintained regardless of industry changes and deadlines.

Fires can occur to properties that are serviced by SATS too.  Here is what some of our Property Managers have to say…

“The fire started in the ceiling of the en-suite and the alarm closest to the main bedroom alerted the tenants, who rang the fire brigade. The fire was contained to the en-suite and ceiling cavity above the main bedroom. The tenants were sitting in the lounge at the far end of the house, this could’ve been much much worse. We are so thankful that there were alarms throughout the property, which have an annual servicing from SATS.”

“Both fires were attached to properties that our agency manage, one is managed by myself and thankfully the smoke alarms were maintained by SATS and were in working order, meaning our tenant was alerted to the fire and was able to escape through a window and down the fire escape.”

“Sadly I have had a very serious fire just two weeks ago where a  three story townhouse burnt to the ground so the urgency for me is now front of mind. Thankfully there were working smoke alarms that saved the family of five who were fast asleep on the top floor.”

Another flat fire this morning – it is one of our properties and is an upstairs property. The one below this caught on fire early hours this morning damaging our property with smoke – our smoke alarms went off.”

Here are some other recent events so far this Spring…

“For us, every house fire is a failure, especially when there’s a fatality.”
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“There were no smoke alarms in the house, and that’s something else that people have got to ensure they have in place and working properly.”
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Leave the job to SATS, not to chance.

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