We are excited to share some great news with our loyal customers across New Zealand and Australia.

On August 1st 2021 SATS New Zealand and Australia had a change in its ownership structure by taking on an investment from the PieLAB Council Capital.

Founded by Jeremy Batten, SATS has grown from a start-up to a successful international brand, comprising of over 70 employees, managing many thousands of properties across two countries.

From day one SATS greatest asset has been its people, technology, and steadfast dedication to customer service… Never has this been truer than today.

Jeremy decided it was time to enhance the business and take it to the next level and has identified PieLAB Council Capital as the investment partner to do this.

The PieLAB team have joined Jeremy and the existing shareholders to further increase the opportunities available to the SATS stakeholders, team, and customers.

Jeremy will remain a shareholder and join a new board of directors including Richard Anderson and Chris Rolls from PieLAB. PieLAB brings a wealth of knowledge, business experience and a new corporate skill-set to further improve the SATS community.

Daniel will continue to manage the business with his existing team.

The vision is that SATS will continue to run as it is today in line with its current values and beliefs. We will however invest further in our key assets being people, technology and customer service to provide a continually improving service to our loyal customers.

Of course, If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on 0508 766 532 or info@sats.co.nz

We thank you for your support!