Increase in fines for Smoke Alarm Compliance

Fines have increased, is it worth the risk?

Smoke alarms are a lifesaver. And in rentals, they’re a legal requirement.
A Landlord who fails to comply with the regulations will be committing an unlawful act and may be liable for a penalty of up to $7,200!

There are still smoke alarms that have gone untouched in residential homes leading to inactive alarms and many properties that do not have the minimum requirement of alarms installed for the property to be compliant.

The responsibility for ensuring that each smoke alarm in a residence is operational falls on the Landlord/Property Manager – so while this message is out there to test and replace the batteries, there are still residential properties failing to meet requirements in regard to smoke alarms.

By utilising SATS you can rest easy knowing that your smoke alarms will be tested, cleaned and checked for compliance within the New Zealand legislation standards.

Further information regarding legislation can be found HERE