Landlords failing to provide Smoke Alarms are in the firing line

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Just this year there has already been a hand full of cases heard by the Tenancy Tribunal in which property managers and landlords have been ordered to pay exemplary damages to tenants for failing to fit smoke alarms in their rental properties.

Referring to the Tenancies Act changes that took effect in July 2016, stating landlords are responsible for ensuring there are good, working smoke alarms in their rental properties before the tenant moves in (start of a new tenancy).

An Auckland landlord who failed to comply with these standards got fined $2,000 for not installing smoke alarms in a rental property. It was said in this case the landlord “has been restrained from committing the same offence for six year or will face further legal action.” Examples are being made all through New Zealand making sure the landlords and property managers are complying with Tenancy laws, reminding them that in failing to do so will not be tolerated and can be fined up to $4,000.


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